Thoughts about selecting multiple items on more staves

I will select notes over more then one stave to add articulations.

  • is it possible to move the cursor to right or left with a note or beat stave
  • is it possible to select fast all the notes on the same beat in other staves without lassoing or shft-arrow down?

What are other people doing to add articulations fast?

Have you tried choosing first note and then SHIFT-Clicking the last of the notes you want and then using a meta-tool (keypress equivalent) to add the articulation(s). I frequently Click & CTRL-Click to choose multiple non-continuous notes and then press left or right bracket ([) to add accents or staccato respectively.

Sorry for this bad post! This was very bad notated and translated, I have try to find a workflow to add articulations over different players at the same time.

I have diffent instruments/players with the same rhythmic parts. I will add articulation to all those notes. Now I have to click each note to add articulations. I can also select one note on a beat and then vertical select all the same notes on the different instruments and adding an articulation. It would be nice if I can move the cursor to the left or right with all the notes vertical selected.

But the only thing to make this good to work is to add an filter for articulations so I can copy paste them.

Select the note in the top stave. Then Cmd-Shift-Down. Should select all notes immediately below. Not helpful unless the music in front of you really is homophonic but in the example you screenshotted it is.

Thanks! This works fast for now.