Thoughts and Philosophies on Zooming.

There’s many things that I love about Nuendo but zooming drives me crazy. This has led me to wonder if maybe I’m doing it “wrong” or if there are better methods out there.

The main thing that drives me nuts is that zooming in vertically does not take into account any object selections you might have (zooming in horizontally DOES however). So if I’m trying to zoom in on an object for better editing I always have to scroll after zooming, which is really annoying. It seems like if Nuendo just kept my object selection in mind while zooming this wouldn’t be an issue but Nuendo always zooms from the top, if that makes sense.

So how do you guys zoom? Do you use the zoom tool, or zoom presets?

I need to find a better way.


Yes this is annoying, try this

Zoom to selection. It will fill the screen with whatever you have selected. This can be a single event or a group or a range. Use UNDO ZOOM to back out to where you were

Also you might like ZOOM tracks exclusive which I tend to use more.

At the bottom right of the screen next to the horizontal zoom bar, you’ll see a very small downward arrow. If you click on this you’ll see zoom presets. You can use these or click add to create your own. You can assign key commands to the first 5 user presets.

hope not to late, and someone reads this:

I have a good reachable shortcut for the zoom tool…so I switch…make my selection…very fast…I work further with a right click first…I have the tools on right click…so I am immediately on the cursor tool. For a step back in zooming I have a shortcut for the zoom history…

I know that sounds kinda weird…but I am used to the single zoom tool in protools…so if you have some good shortcuts…that would be a very good work around for detail zooming.



I’ve used Nuendo and other DAWs for several years.
I have dayly fights and frustration because of zoom…

But I don’t know the solution. I guess the day the program knows what I’m thinking and acting intelligent, then also zooming will be a pleasure :wink:

It would really help to have a zoom selection and undo zoom command on ONE key like in PT.
Maybe someone from SB listens…

What if in the keycommands dialog, we could have a check box for “toggle”. Nuendo would know that that key command just reverses the current state.

I could see a lot of uses for that

This is a fantastic idea !!