Thoughts / concerns about project backups

Now that I’m starting to get quite a big list of projects in Cubasis I’m starting to get a bit nervous about data backup.

I’m aware that:

  1. Cubasis data is backed up in one big lump in cloud backup
  2. It’s possible to one-time export a project as a .cbp file to icloud/dropbox etc

My concern is that it’s far too easy to accidentally delete the app with an accidental long press and a few bad choices and then suddenly all the backup data is gone too in one go.

Exporting projects on a one by one basis is also very time consuming, frustrating and they will not stay up-to-date.

My feature request, therefore, would be that each project was automatically synced to either icloud or dropbox (both options preferrably but just icloud would do). In fact, that the project would essentially “exist” by default in the cloud, or at least have the option to. It’s been a while since I’ve used Garageband but I believe that’s how they do it. This would have the side effect of also making it easier to sync projects to a secondary device or even (massive assumption) an eventual iphone app down the line.

This way, project data is separated from app data and is always in sync/backed up.

I hope you can seriously consider a more robust backup solution such as this in future.

Hi downhillsimian,

Thanks for your message.

At this moment we do not see an easy option to implement automated backups.

However Cubasis offers many options to perform backups with a few taps such as iTunes, iCloud, WiFi Server, Dropbox, external hard drives and wireless flash drives etc.

Deleting an app on the iPad should not happen accidentally since manual user action by the user is required (at least tapping the x on an app icon explicitly).

Best wishes,