Thoughts on moving on from Sibelius 6

Erm… I was after notation software…

Guitar Pro is notation software. Dont knock it, it is even better than Dorico/Sib/Musescore in many ways.

Yeah, I’ve used it. And no, you absolutely couldn’t use it to do what I need to do - it’s for transcribing Take That songs, not writing operas.

I have every confidence that they will still be here next year, and the year after. Once upon a time, I thought that of Sibelius.

To be clear, we’re not going anywhere. The Sibelius dev team has grown in size from years past and is growing faster still. We’re releasing faster than in Sibelius’ whole history. You shouldn’t write off the entire program because of a bad decision a decade ago. None of those execs work for Avid anymore. Today, Avid has put a lot of support behind Sibelius and we’re really confident in our future.

Hello @Tokkemon nice to see a Sibelius developer on the Dorico forum. I assume that’s your role by the use of ‘we’ referring to Sibelius? Perhaps Sibelius can pick up good ideas from Dorico.

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Hi there! It’s good to know that Avid is not the big bad wolf!
However, my decision not to consider Sibelius is not just revenge for a bad decision. It also has to do with not trusting the ever-decreasing visibility of the non-subscriber model on the website, the UI actually being a retrograde step (like, honestly, if you just re-released Sibelius 6 you would get more customers), and the lack of support from the company.

Also, I would factor in the price, but the company literally won’t tell me the upgrade cost from Sibelius 6. It’s not that the information isn’t there; they literally h have a line on their website saying that if you want to know the upgrade cost, you have to contact one of their resellers. None of which have Sibelius listed on their websites.

I really am not making this up!

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Quite, I poke around from time to time to see what’s up. I’ve been a designer with Sibelius for about a year now, but my expertise before that was in music engraving.

Dear Justin Tokke(mon), I truly appreciate your input here. And wanted to thank you for your very useful videos on YouTube which could benefit anyone wanting to learn engraving.


Thank you! I wish I had more time to make more of them, they’re quite fun.


Ok let me bring you up to date. Just last month, Avid launched the “get current” upgrade. Any user from any version of Sibelius 1-7.5 can get the latest of Sibelius Ultimate plus a year of upgrades for $149. There used to be some strange decisions on these things in the past but we’re really working to streamline our offerings to make things easy. The recent rebranding of the middle tier to Sibelius Artist was part of it.

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Ah. Excellent, thank you.

Especially given that I’ve just discovered another really really basic feature which Dorico doesn’t have yet - playback of fermatas and other pauses. *

I’ll still probably get it, but honestly… “Advanced”?

  • this is the cue for someone to say “Err… actually Charlie, you just right click and open the ‘fermata length’ menu”

You can create a Manuel tempo change in the tempo editor, to really slow down the best with the formats, and then go back to tempo… , Charlie :wink:

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There are infinite ways of approaching and playing back fermatas depending on a large number of factors. Until Dorico designs a clever algorithm for this that beats the competition hands down, I’d rather do this myself manually (and quite easily, I might add) in the tempo editor.


As I recall @PaulWalmsley said somewhere on here once that he is the one who wrote Sibelius’s playback of fermatas, and he recalls that it is indeed very complicated to work out. With the development team being so small it’s likely one of many things they haven’t had the chance to work on yet.

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yes, I also recall that though I don’t find the corresponding post. The complicated timing thing here is when there is a fermata on one staff and no fermata on the other staves

Which is bad notation! One player pauses and another one doesn’t?!?

A fermata is not a pause but a hold. So one player holds, while another is playing some other notes? Surely, easy enough to imagine!

To make it super duper clever, probably. To make it slow the tempo down to n% of the current tempo for the duration of the note and then go back to the previous tempo? That’s already been implemented in the rit/rall code. I believe appropriate shortcuts are Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X.

It’s pretty standard in a cadenza situation, isn’t it? Most players hold (pause) while one plays a passage that may “overfill” the bar in terms of rhythmic content, and then they all join up together again.

Yeah - a simple fermata = temporary tempo change fix would be useless in this situation.

Not a reason not to have the option though? Perhaps worth thinking about for a future release?