Thoughts on the last CUBASE releases and forced Media bay downloading

I know there’s going to be quite a few people against this post but it needs saying :

We seem to be in an era now where Steinberg keeps messing up old workflows with new , the new DLA forcing you to update your mediabay even if you just visit the DLA , this is VERY concerning .

In a few years time when you ha ve customers sitting back on C12 and you have the latest and greatest C15/16 out , how is the DLA going to handle people buying or updating their content like ABsolute , H7 ,PAdshop , loops and so on WITHOUT breaking their system by being forced to install the latest mediabay ?

This is very important and rather concerning that in a few years you have a major issue on your hands with this method of updating , no consideration for customers sitting back on older versions of Cubase or Neuendo .

The last release of the Mediabay shows EXACTLY the sort of cross platform issues you are introducing, but my main concern is you can’t even visit the DLA without you system structure being altered which does make it a no go . The on work around i see is manually downloading everything from the website .

We really do need clarification on this situation because , you release an update for C13 , it breaks C12 , your release an update for GA and it BREAKS the WHOLE system .

Steinberg please gives us clarity on your intentions on this FORCED download


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What do you mean by DLA, please?

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I think what the rest of the world calls SDA :slight_smile:

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Hi, just out of genuine curiosity, what issues exactly are you experiencing with the new Media Bay download?

Are you still using older Cubase versions that don’t use it? If so what are the exact issues.

This is a genuine question, not trying to be argumentative in any way.


With the new Bay , try opening one of your own created midi files via the Media bay … you can’t !
I’m always up to date Phil . MY issue is as time progresses things will get worse for those that do NOT stay upto date with ALL software , It will lead to ponti8al breakages exactly what i experienced in C12 .
This is a confirmed issue , JUst because of visiting the DLA or what ever you wanna call it just to keep someone happy
Media bay 1.1.30 Issue - Exported MIDI files not scanned - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


There is no DLA. Steinberg calls it Steinberg Download Assistant and uses the logical shortcut: SDA. Please, use the correct terminology.

The MediaBay is now a global component. Therefore Steinberg decided to keep it up to date as much as possible, to make sure, it’s always compatible with the latest software versions.

I was merely asking a question; about something I have obviously missed. No worries.

Is that an Order ?

If you don’t fully understand the issue here then please refrain from commenting .
Ive made perfectly clear the issue , if people choose NOT to keep ALL apps ,contents and programs up to date and visit the DLA (download assistant i call it ) then THEY POTENTENTAILLY break their systems buying NEW content because of the possibly INCONPATIBLE forced download on to your system

AND anyway @Martin.Jirsak this concern has been acknowledged to me by Steinberg Staff .

Sorry Phil i thought you knew of the issue . My apology

I was just kind of asking for a step by step, so I can try and reproduce it. etc. But as you say, SB are aware. No worries. :vulcan_salute:

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Yes, the thread Highlights the issue with the update .
I understand it’s a tricky one , i love the fact of not having to import presets from one Halion to another BUT there’s the price to pay , which I’ve have mentioned , you either update EVERYTHING at once or … I’ll stop repeating myself now

Have a good day bud

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(post deleted by author )

It’s time for a revolt against forced upgrades of all types. They are ruining my workflow on every single platform I use. Instead of constant “upgrades” that break things, how about fixing all the bugs in each version before releasing anything new? And support should be provided for all software versions for at least 10 years from their release date. Then the term “legacy” will have an appropriate meaning: protecting the legacy of the content that users have created.

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I don’t recall the Steinberg Download Assistant forcing any update on me. It will inform me of new updates but then it’s been my choice to update. I did update Groove Agent and it’s Media Bay doesn’t show any of my MIDI files, nor a Kit I created. All this does show in my Cubase 11. I removed latest GA and installed past version so that fixes that for now but not the C13 Media Bay which also isn’t showing things that I can see in C11 Media Bay. Hopefully Steinberg fixes all this soon.