Thoughts on the New Soundcloud

For a couple of weeks now the new Soundcloud has been unveiled. I’ve given it a try and although the new graphics are catchy and the profiles are greatly enhanced, the site seems to be unstable. I’ve tried unfollowing and following people back and upon reloading the page it resets everything. The site and sounds are harder to load and also having trouble deleting groups and tracks, they just keep coming back the following session.

What are your thoughts/experiences with the new version?

You’re right, it’s a messy cloud now.


I still can’t get the Soundcloud player to work in Firefox. If I clear my cookies and cache I can make it play a couple of songs, but then it stops working again. This is on like half a dozen different PCs too. (Although, it didn’t work with the previous soundcloud either.) still gets my vote for worst site redesign of the year, but Soundcloud is probably a close second.

Good response guys. Also, what do you think about not being able to remove songs from your dashboard? I was following a pro metal user, and couldn’t clear their nonsense deathcore music and images from my dashboard. So I stopped following them.

I like the looks, I think it’s absolutely wicked you can play a song and keep browsing the website, it’ll put the song on the tabbar and keep playing it.
Most of it seems to work, but I do have some dodgy follow behaviour like you said, I was sure I hit follow on a friends profile yesterday and it didn’t seem to work.

I had this problem too. I was able to get the track deleted from the “old” version of the website, although I am not sure how I got to it. I do remember doing something with the profile, which was still looking like the old page, just before I was able to get the old version displayed and deleted the track from there.

I decided to move back to the classic soundcloud to manage my following. Some dude I kept hitting Follow on (like 10 times) every time it said I needed to “Follow Back” it made me nervous, as he might think I’m playing mind games with him or something… :open_mouth:

Yea lots of Bugs in the new SOUNDCLOUD alright. Some of my links don’t work.
Course I have the free version still. Hmmmmmm :confused:

Jack :slight_smile: