THR 10ii and the Yamaha USB Driver


I bought the THR 10ii. However, I cannot use it on the Cubase AI by using the Yamaha USB driver.
This is annoying, as I am also using the UR 22C (which works fine, with the Yamaha USB driver) and I would like to use both of them together.

Hope you can help me. (although similar discussions in this forum make me believe that an update of the Yamaha USB driver program is needed, but nobody seems to care?!)

Best Alex


In Cubase you can use 1 ASIO Driver at the time only in general. Therefore you cannot use THR 10ii & UR22C at the same time.

Hey! Thanks for that reply. But I do not want to use 2 different drivers. I want to use the official Yamaha USB driver for both devices. However, the Yamaha USB driver does not it work with the THR 10ii even though (according to the THR Series Owner’s Manual and the website yamaha europe .com) the Yamaha USB driver is the official compatible driver for the THR?

Best Alex


Do I understand you right, you want to merge both devices under one driver? Or do you expect one driver with an option to switch, which Audio Device is controlling?

Well,yes I thought about merging both devices under one driver.

However, I know that with Asio4all I could theoretically switch right?


With ASIO4ALL you can even merge the devices.

Ah thank you! (I think that I was mishandling the installation of the asio4all but now it seems to work fine, and I actually managed to merge them. Thank you!

Best regards!