Threaded headphone cable replacement?

Anyone know where to get a threaded headphone cable like in this picture:

I can’t seem to locate one. Thanks,

Others here:

Thanks Tom, but I looked at those and while one end is threaded, the other end is not a headphone end, it’s a proprietary end for SMH-1000 & 1200 Headphones from Senal (and Shure). Any others?

Crap. Sorry…

I appreciate your posting. I’ve seen AKGs with this same cable so I thought they’d be more readily available but alas…

That’s a really tough cable to find. However, it did find some people with experience with this particular cable with those headphones. The ends are small enough to not require the threaded end.

Found in this thread:

Perfect! Better order it before they go out of business :frowning:

Didn’t they go bankrupt last month ?

Sprint saved them. A bunch of stores still closed apparently.