Three Dog Night - The 1st Boy Band?

I’ve been revisiting Three Dog Night lately, and it occurred to me after reading/learning that they didn’t actually write most of their songs, and went up there together fronting the back round band, just like our current “Boy Bands” do! :astonished:

Boy bands wasn’t even a term as far as I know back then, but if they were around today, I’m sure they’d be considered as one…or is that a ‘man band’ actually …? Either way, this may be the only Boy Band in history that I actually liked, and still like :slight_smile:

They had some very cool songs, my favorite’s are Three Dog Nights covers of, Daniel Moore’s “Shambala” & Randy Newman’s “Mama Told Me Not to Come”. Not sure which songs they actually wrote though…all of the songs I’m familiar with weren’t.

And weren’t these groovy clothes :laughing:

Aloha S, Kool insight.

As far as the band name:

The story I read/heard was about when the native peoples of the north (Eskimos)
were out hunting/traveling and had to sleep overnight.

If it was cold night they would sleep next to one of their dogs.
On really colds nights they would sleep with two dogs. A ‘Two Dog Night’.

No one ever really slept with 3 dogs. Hence the name.

True? Dunno.

Wait! Gotta go!

Eli’s comin’!

Really…??? I knew they went by another name at 1st, but haven’t heard that story :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a Three Dog Night Tribute Band … hmmm…who would I be? Who do I look MOST like? The drummer? Naw! :laughing: I could put on a wig and a big mustahe, naw too itchy! :mrgreen:

Which got me to thinking about 50’s groups like the Platters, etc.
They were a singing group (that did not play instruments).
How about those Motown groups? Tempations etc.
For that matter, could the The Righteous Brothers’ be considered a boy band?

Seems there is very little in music that is really ‘new’.

Wow, now you’ve got me there…I’ve never thought about all those old acts as being ‘boy bands’. You know, being an ‘alternate’ life style black man >>> :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: <<< I’ve always loved the Motown sound…(no I really DO love Motown) But how did the rest of the world think of a row of crooners fronting actual musician’s back then? The Boy Band thing in this day & age…well, it’s seen as…how shall we say …an ‘alternate’ lifestyle choice in life pardners fulfilling their wazoo’s :laughing:

With all the hoopla about Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli and the 4 seasons, they certainly qualify as a boy band. And I’m sure hearts were a flutter and a swooning over a theoretical Barbershop quartet the preceeded them.

Ah yes, I see it, Boy Bands may have actually been around since the dawn of man kinds music!

Recently discovered …the body of such a prehistoric member

Some day…