three-lined staff with glissando (lines) for graphical notation


I want to have a three lined staff in which I can insert dots/notes (at best between the staff lines) and lines between those notes.
In musescore I could add a staff set the lines to three and just add a glissando between the notes.
In Dorico I don’t know if there’s an option for that.
I looked at notation with percussion instruments in grid mode to get 3 lines but I can’t add a glissando between the notes.
I know there is no line drawing tool yet but maybe there is another workaround for my problem.

Thank you.

You can do it if you show the instruments as individual instruments rather than as a grid, but then you’ll need to go to special effort to position them sufficiently close together that they look like a single staff, and you’ll also have to manage the rests on each single-line staff independently, and so on. I’m afraid Dorico isn’t really well-suited to this kind of notation just at the moment.

Hey, I just wanted to ask if there is an update to that problem yet?
I have an object which I want to scrape over another. I want to define different start and endpoints of that motion. I tried building a percussion stave with four lines and connecting notes on different staves with arrows, but I can’t seem to figuere out how to.
With a piano it works even across staves. If there is an option to change the number of lines on a stave it would work for me as well.
Connecting notes on different percussion staves with arrows would be much more convenient though, because the noteheads can correspond with different playing techniques and can be set with less work, if I set it up right.

No, I’m afraid not as yet. We certainly plan to add features to change the number of staff lines for an instrument, but it’s complex and not something we are actively working on right at this moment.

And there are no options to connect notes on different staves with vertical lines? That’s only possible in one stave, right? It’s there a plan to add this feature?

You can do this for multiple staves held by the same player, provided they’re not percussion kits.

that’s exactly my problem. They are percussion kits. There’s no solution for writing a “glissando” for an instrument without defined pitch, which can still produce higher or lower sounds.

Which would be really nice too. If I have a musical gesture in one instrument and the end to that musical gesture in another in a dense texture it could save a lot of rehearsing time, because the interplay of voices is explained.