Three Noteperformer VST slots - panning problem


I have a piece for three brass choirs. In Setup mode, they are arranged into groups, to achieve the appropriate numberings within each choir.

In Noteperformer’s mixer window in Play mode, I would like to adjust the panning, attempting to give the listener a better grasp of the sound of players on three galleries.

Under the VST column, there are three slots for Noteperformer (numbered 02, 03 and 04). However, the three slots do not seem to represent the three brass choirs player by player. Almost, but not completely. Some players from one choir spill over into a different VST slot. In some slots, trombones may be shuffled in between trumpet parts, and since the instruments in the mixer windows have no player number attached, only instrument names, I fear it would be a massive and time consuming amount of work to find out which instrument in the mixer represents which instrument in the score.

The setting up of the score was not done in a single operation, the instrumentation evolved and changed. I may have added single players, I may have duplicated some players, possibly other kinds of shuffling around in the Player column – and later still arranged them into groups, as the ensemble became confirmed. All of that might not be reflected in Noteperformer’s mixer?

Is there a way to alter this to make it easier for me to work with the panning? The best, I guess, would be if the three Noteperformer mixer windows would mirror the scoring of each group. Or if it is possible to turn the three slots into one. Anyway to reflect the score in the mixer. Advice is warmly welcomed!

Set the Playback Template to 'Silence", save and exit Dorico. Reopen file and set the Playback Template back to Noteperformer. This will reallocate the sounds in the order they appear in the Project.

If you really want one NP instance per choir, you will have to set them manually.

It shouldn’t be necessary to switch to Silence and restart Dorico - just re-applying the NotePerformer Playback Template will cause all the sounds to be reassigned in their current score order.

Thanks for your help, gentlemen!