Three odd things (music speed issue,gui issues) with Dorico 5

i done allready thread in facebook group. i can copy text and image here and i feel this better place bug reports and such?

Here is the text of MXHeppa’s Facebook post:

1: playing song tempo x lasts only about time z not exactly always varies little. is this somekind humazing and if so where i can adjust this?

2: one time (other program done this multiple times) same kind things help i put windows small and back big again. resolutino change helps in other program (not Steinberg program but related steinberg becose Studio One is made by old Cubase team if i correct). and thing what i mean mouse is postion x and y but gui reacts about one mouse pointer size top to up then next gui button reacts in left side. i sayed studio one thing becouse then if developers know what is common with these programs gui things maybe helps developers.

3: you see here notes and “piano roll” view of bottom as you see last measrue note bar is correct size but area what is top of it is not. when i add empty measrue to end shows ok. i feel never seen this in Dorico Pro 4.

  1. No, there is no automatic humanisation for tempo at the present time.

  2. It sounds like a problem with display scaling, where the buttons are drawing unexpectedly in the wrong position. If you can come up with steps that reliably reproduce the problem, please let us know.

  3. It looks as if both bars in the piano roll are drawing using the 7/8 time signature of the first bar. If you’re able to provide an example project that reproduces this problem on demand, please upload it here.

buttons i feel drawn correct position but mouse postion readed in correct i feel is this way becouse some cases they are only possible place these buttons i mean when window is full screen then such case. and here is simple project file for 3. thing. and i can share this easily becouse is only test (i tested tempo and time signature related things to learn them current way understand both measures should played same time value). and at least windows restart not fix it.
example_project.dorico (852.7 KB)
ps. go here again soon.

Thanks for the example project. We’ll take a look into this.