Three Transports?!

Hello everyone! New Nuendo user here (does that make me a… Newendo?)

So, one of the first things I’ve noticed is that Nuendo 11 has not one, not two, but three transport bars (the top, the bottom, and the floating one)… and, you’re able to put different things on each of them.

So, I was wondering how you seasoned Nuendo users arrange your transports. What do you put on which transport and why?

Thanks for any and all insight. I’m loving the software so far!



Welcome Sean,

I use just one at the bottom of the Edit-window and make it as small as possible (just the necessary readouts), because more or less any “button” is assigned to a keyboard- or controller-command anyway.

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I use the Transport in the Lower Zone, and the one in the Project toolbar. When I’m using the Score Editor, I use the floating one.

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Thanks for responding, Dietz! Can I ask what you consider to be a “necessary readout”?

Thanks, Steve! Can I ask which functions you have listed in the respective transports? Are they all just arrived to default, or have you customized them somehow?