Three UI requests

Hi team, here are three things I’d love to see added. I’m looking forward to some other features that I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere (like figured bass, and linked text frames), so I’ll leave those off. But I haven’t seen these suggested:

  1. CONSTRAIN DRAGGING. When moving certain objects with the mouse in Engrave mode, it would be helpful to be able to hold down Ctrl or Alt while dragging to constrain movement to the X or Y axis. This is especially necessary when we’ve carefully set alignment on a particular axis and don’t want to mess it up. I realize Alt+L/R does this, but I still like to be able to move with a mouse. (PS: I noticed that Shift+mouse drags the page around–very cool.)

  2. SHORTCUTS TO CHANGE FONT SIZE. In Word, Finale, Acrobat, and others, you can increase or decrease the point size of selected text by using Ctrl+Shift+[comma] or [period]. This is a key combination I’ve grown to love and find it MUCH easier to quickly change text.

  3. MORE OPTIONS FOR FILE NAMING IN EXPORT. I typically export PDFs with a hyphen between the project name and the layout name. It would be helpful to have more control over how the filenames are auto-populated.

As an aside: I’ve always sent my orchestral arrangements to my principle violinist so she can add bowings (previously in Finale). She just bowed the first new score in Dorico after just 20 minutes of me showing her the basics. She loves it already, and Elements will be a perfect fit for what she needs to do. Time saved!

Thank you team!

Thanks for these suggestions, Dan. All of them are on our radar for the future.

I’m delighted to hear your principal violinist was able to get up and running with Elements quickly.