threshold control for compression next to each channel fader

During the last few days I have been trying with Mixbus, from Ardour, and its mixer has a very useful feature.

It is a threshold control for compression next to each channel fader. It is a very nice feature and maybe it could be included with next Cubase versions. Could it be?


Carlos Schorr

And then:

  • ratio control for compression next to each channel fader
  • attack control for compressor next to each channel fader
  • release control for compressor next to each channel fader
  • high-pass frequency next to each channel fader
  • low-pass frequency next to each channel fader
  • frequency band (top, bottom) for de-essing next to each channel fader
    … etc etc etc … and finally
  • Phase setting of Rotary plugin next to each channel fader

Isn’t your display cluttered enough?

I agree with Jarno. Compression controls belong in the compressor pop up.

Of course with all those controls, but it was not necessary to say it because it is logical.

Do you know Mixbus?

The fact is it is not necessary to open compressor plugins for each channel because all control are in the mixer just like in a real one.

I prefer having the choice of compressor I want to use.
Not all compressors work well on all sources.

Took a look at the screenshot ( Looked cool, but cluttered.

Yes, it would be nice to have EVERYTHING visible on the mixer at the same time, but unfortunately my computer screen isn’t as large as a big SSL console (I wish it were). And as Pixie said, people want to use different compsressors. It would need an extension on VST system to integrate all of them to the mixer like that.

I haven’t checked in a while but maybe you can create a little DIY weekend project and get this up and running in Device Panels. Originally intended for hardware control via MIDI CC and/or SysEx maybe it’s possible to control software inserts as well?

Alas Steinberg hasn’t changed a thing in the Device Panels since it was introduced in SX3 so don’t waste your time, since it’s either malfunctioning or broken for the most of it. It’s supposed to be one full scale, one Inspector size and one Mixer size panel that you can design the controls for yourself. But … :unamused:

Would be perfect if it worked? :sunglasses:

I agree about to be able to choose the kind of compressor any one want to use. Nevertheless, it is the same with a real mixer. You have mixer compressors to start with and additional offline compressors if you want.

Anyway, I think it is very pro to have this feature included with the mixer itself. And with respect to the size of the screen, maybe it would be necessary to have larger screen to place comfortably what you want to see.

Anyone over there would like to have a feature like this for new versions of Cubase?


You could always map the threshold or whatever to quick controls and jump back and forth
between the mixer and arrange with workspace key commands.

I changed the default key commands for these vital commands to be mapped to 1,2,3 (my preference)…
and I must say it sped up my workflow much more… I know it’s not what you’re asking for but it may


Well how about a button field where you can assign any button to any function?
Wow! Then we could do the programmer’s job ourselves. :mrgreen:

Or a Cubase programming program with every copy of Cubase so we could write our own custom Cubase.
And a button that instantly taught us C++ programming. :mrgreen:

I think the programmers have done their best for features and although some feature requests are not bad, if they developed every feature request seen here it would take till the moon disappeared before they finished.
They must have enough suggestions right there in the office and sometimes all these suggestions just assert that Cubase is undeveloped when the truth is that it’s so big any one of us will never plumb it’s real depth.
Advancement by your own efforts is more rewarding than telling the hard working experts that they’ve got more work to do to please a half dozen feature requesters.
I’m just the spokesman for the wheel. Don’t need tyres on it just yet. :mrgreen: