Thug, Master of Chickens

I don’t usually post my tunes but I’m quite happy with this one… has to happen every couple of years or so…

you should be happy ,love the melody and words ,i assume you recorded and mixed it ,well that needs a bit of work here and there, but the tune shines through .well done .

Nice! This one’s got some weight to it. Good production ideas.
I like your voice.
I heard hints of old XTC or maybe Moby.
I think the mix is fine. It’s not perfect, but generally these type of alt rock
productions are a bit edgy and imperfect. For instance, a real bass or a less muffled bass sample
would’ve cut through the mix better and been more clear - but the sound you’re using is part of what
distinguishes your sound from so many others.

To my ears, everything is generally well balanced. Good work!

Farrah Fawcett?! Damn - you must be as old as ME! :slight_smile:

Guys - Thanks for the comments, greatly appreciated… One of these days I should actually spring for someone to mix this stuff but its just too much fun doing it myself… Besides, nothing much else to do and there are only so many times I can watch reruns of ‘The Wire’.

And… yeah… I’m that old… I was tempted to cite Olivia Newton John but, well, damn… :smiley:

Hi, good song and nice vibe about it…pity you only come to the forum when your happy about something…Kevin

Yes, I could certainly be more participative.