Thumb up or down - Buy it or Leave it?

Hello out there. I was encouraged to join this forum by Steinberg support. I recently installed Cubase Pro 8 on my iMac running Yosemite and I’ve been debating on buying Cubase iCPro since the ratings in Apple’s App Store was so low. I contacted Steinberg to ask if iCPro is compatible with iOS8 and I was told that iCPro works with iOS 8 and Cubase Pro 8, which works with Yosemite. However, I’m soliciting honest feedback and advice from this community as to whether I should buy this app or move on since I have read several posts here that indicate there are many users who seem to have problems with this product. I’ve been away from making music for some time and want products that won’t get in the way of the creative flow when it strikes and avoid wasting time just trying to get it to work. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

This is a tough one…

When it works, it’s great. If you asked me before with Cubase 7, I would have provided an enthusiastic thumbs up. On Cubase 8, I can’t get it to work on my system (still works fine with 7). It does seem to be touchy with the connection.

Now, I haven’t made a lot of noise about it, except for a post or two in this forum. I’ll be posting on the main forum to see if there are users that have got it working OK with Cubase 8. This forum doesn’t have much traffic, and for all I know, my issue could be restricted to a small number of systems.

So, it may work fine on your system. And it’s not a lot of money ($18ish?). If you view it like a lottery ticket that will bring you lots of joy if you cash in, then go for it. If you’re going to get upset if you can’t get it working, I would stay away for now.