Thumbnails preview png location to create catalog?

Can’t find where the thumbnails preview png are stored in windows
Can somebody help me
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They are stored inside the dorico file. If you rename a project file, you can open the archive and find the png inside the preview folder.

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wow! how did you find this? great thanks! I will be able to make a catalog of all my students’ exercises. I regret on the other hand that the PNGs are so small and that they are all called “preview.png” and not the name of the project, so it is difficult to make a batch to automate everything.
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Also contained inside the Dorico file is a PDF called preview. It should be in a folder called preview inside the folder called supplementary_data. It might meet your needs better than the PNG.

Yes I had seen the pdfs but no more advanced for me. I wanted to make a catalog with thumbnails and name to easily find this or that exercise for my students: by searching by name and then seeing the thumbnail to be sure to open the right file and not lose half of the lesson searching. genre by searching “rhythmic_two_hand” and see a preview of them like rhythmic_two_hand_01, rhythmic_two_hand_02, etc…
Dorico retains the last 15 in the Steinberg Hub, something that my memory already remembers so not really useful for me. Maybe there is a way to increase this number(?) I looked in Dorico’s *.xml files for the number “15” but I couldn’t find it. But in any case there is no Serch text field in Hub with thumbnails.

Sibelius in the “quick start” had all this and was handy for it