THUMBS UP at Steinberg for ''link selected channels''

Thumbs up at Steinberg for ‘‘link selected channels’’ ! You know how it is: you add more and more tracks and drums and bass and vocals and etc and then you are close to zero and finally with time it start to distort… But your mix is basically good between the instrument but the sum of it create distortion… It becomes out of control you’re too close to zero Then I had to find a cure like fade every channel one by one. Thats the main problem I had in mixing, all my life, before this wonderful feature LINK SELECTED CHANNELS

Now when I got too much volume on my mix, I simply link all the channels and fade it THAT’S IT then I close the link and continue mixing and the fun is that after fading everyone I got new headroom to boost the drum or the vocals . This feature alone worth the price of the program for me. I spent so much time before trying not to distort…

Do you use it and love it too guys? Or was it created for me ? LOL :smiley:

Hi Modest-Expert,

Forgive me if you know this already but you’re better of making sure you don’t have any headroom issues before you even start a project by simply reducing the Pre Gain on the master stereo buss by at least -6db!

If you can’t see the Pre Rack on the stereo buss turn it on by selecting the ‘Racks’ icon, towards the top left of the mixer and you will see Pre (Filters/Gain/Phase) in the list!

Now your headroom issues will be a thing of the past and you won’t be overloading all your plugins too!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards,

James Colah

Thanks James, it sure help thats news to me

I’ll check this out…

yes true we have to check the plug ins too and some (i dont remember which one) dont have a volume input to control the gain

so thats a good idea I will try it out