Thumbs up from Guy Michelmore

He used it for some big NDA project and apparently liked it :slight_smile:


I’ll bet his complaints about adjusting hairpins and tied notes are things that can be done, but only when you know how.

The number 1 moan from new users is “Oh, but you have to split the tie, then do the thing, then re-tie it”, which of course isn’t true, but they haven’t ‘found the way’.

FWIW, I’ve offered him our help if he wants to use tied notes and hairpins the Dorico way. He still has not answered :wink:

OK, what’s the Dorico way for my notes? I should know but at the moment I can only spend 25% time on music.

Hi Dan. It appears (clearly in the Tantacrul problematic video) that Sibelius users are not aware of the fact you can use the caret on its own, to cut a tied note wherever you need, to precisisely input dynamics and so on. This involves placing the caret accurately (using the rhythmic grid, for instance), choosing the appropriate rhythm duration and pressing space after entering a popover entry… It’s a complete and thourough workflow that is very efficient once you master it.
I find it works better avoiding the linking/grouping of dynamics, and using “copy to staff below” or above intensely (when big orchestrations).
Sorry if this is not very specific, please chime in if you have clear examples to deal with, we’ll try to help as much as possible!