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Hello guys,
I need help with support from Steinberg. I use Cubase 12 and I bought it in Czech Republic, but I do not have direct support from Steinberg. I registered the software on the web site but I can communicate only with email to Yamaha with no answer. It is much easier for me if I can use a ticket for support. Do you have the same experience, or have I done anything wrong?
Thank you for your help

You should search the forum for your issue, or post your your exact problem so another user can help you.

Yes, you are right. Thank you

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To be clear – your experience is not uncommon for people outside the USA and certain European countries.

But there are so many experts here on the forum, it’s rare that people don’t find an answer (though it’s not always the one they wanted!)

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Hi @Jan_Erle

Did you try sending email to steinberg-support.cz.sk@email.cz

@Martin.Jirsak might know more about support for Czech Republic and Slovakia