Tidy up recorded drums (without clicktrack)

Soo… I’ve recieved a couple of songs/projects (to remix, and maybe master), which are all recorded at 120bpm, without clicktrack.
Drums are as audiotracks, as well as (muted) MIDI track.
Drums are, to say the least, a tad sloppy… :cry:
All other tracks are recorded over the sloppy drum tracks…
Whats the best way to tidy this mess up?? :confused:
I’ve been messing around with tempo detection, but not getting any good results…
I found out “manually” the first song is actually around 92 bpm. (Well, at least the first 2 bars… :blush: )
Can I change the tempo in a way, so I can quantize the midi drumtrack, instead of the audiodrumtracks? (I’d rather use superior drummer instead of the audio drumfiles…)

Have a look at the Set Definition From Tempo function.

Make a tempo track to follow the drums using the timewarp function (warp the grid to fit the free tempo)

Use the set tempo from tempo command, delete the tempo map making sure the original tempo is set.

when good bounce tracks and set all back to normal.