Tie and stem up !!

It looks as a bug !

Tie crossing a barline always make de next note or chord «stem down»…
…I can’t find way to «force down»

Stem up.png

I don’t think this will be a bug, Alain. Could you attach the affected project (zip it up first) so we can take a look at the specific situation you find yourself in?


Look at bar 1-2 …19-20 …21-22


Petite sortie pascale2.dorico.zip (273 KB)

Go to the Engrave mode where you can select only the tied 8th note (on the right hand side of the barline), and then apply Edit => Stem => Force Stem Up.

It looks to me like you have been forcing the stem directions of various notes. All of the stems in the first bar of the RH staff, for example, are forced upwards, which is not their natural direction. If you’re going to force the stem directions, which of course is up to you, then do it for both halves of the tie chain. I think it’s wrong that forcing the stem direction of the first half of a tie chain doesn’t automatically do it for the second in Write mode, and I will check in to that.

Daniel: Did you get anywhere with this?

Came across a case in some piano music.

Example without voices: Two crotchets, one on each side of a barline. Both stems have been forced up. Put a tie on them and second gets its stem down. Have to go into Engrave mode to fix it.

Example with voices: the two tied crotchets straddling a barline are in a stem up-voice. The stem-down voice ends at the bar line and the stem for the tied note in the stem-up voice goes after the barline. I think it should remain up until the tie ends.

Seems like a manifestation of the same problem in OP that you thought you might be able to fix.

Beechside, I can’t accuse you of not searching but I can point out that this has been discussed much more recently than October 2016: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=143653#p773206