tie divided by an end repeat or backward tie


How could I draw a tie divided by an end repeat as follows?
Screenshot 2019-01-17 00.29.10.png
Finale provides a backward tie by pressing ctrl+= under Windows.
I could not find a similar feature in Dorico.

You need to use an LV tie (Properties panel, “Laissez vibrer tie”) and move it backwards in Engrave mode using Alt-arrows.

You only need to shift it backwards once, and then you can copy-paste that backwards LV as needed elsewhere.

So many people have asked about this, I’m certain a “backwards” property will be made available at some point.

Thank you!
It would be great that Dorico provides backward ties, but your solution is at the time the most ingenious way.

Found this post in a search as I had the same problem. Thanks Dan!

This also gives some insight into the difficulty the team has in all the automated work in Dorico. For example consider this

Here’s what I get after adding the laissez vibrer

Now let’s look in Engrave mode

I swooped the tie over/under the bar on the top and bottom lines, and went for hte middle in the other two (and see I need to fix their inconsistency!) But in a part
They all go over the bar (except the bassoon which is playing low on the staff in this case

So here just for a quartet we need six representations. Galley and Page view score, and page view parts. Actually add four more, we need Galley view parts too!

It’s a pretty little puzzle for such a seemingly small feature.

You can save yourself probably half the work by ensuring that the Set Local Properties switch is set to Global before dragging in Engrave mode (or alternatively by selecting the L.V. ties once you’ve dragged them, in Engrave mode, and going Edit > Propagate Properties). I think I disagree with the second time bars having the stems (and thus the ties) flipped.

Aieee! Leo thanks, I still don’t have the global/local prop setting in my working memory. I reset the edits and tried and indeed it works that way, nice.

Except it necessarily creates a glitched score so that the parts look right, in the score the tie runs over the connected barline

Would you leave that (there’s no conductor for a quartet) or do it locally all around?

Interesting suble point on the stems, yes I think it would be better to be consistent

The aesthetically “correct” approach is probably to do it locally, avoiding the barline. If it’s not being published, the lazier approach is to do them all globally, then switch to Note Spacing mode in the score and shunt that first beat half a space to the right.