Tie error with Swap Voice Order?

What I swap voice order of the two notes here at the downbeat, the tie does not extend to the notehead as it seems it should. An error?


No, it’s not an error. If you would prefer a different appearance, adjust the settings on the Ties page of Engraving Options.

Sorry Daniel, I do think it’s an error. Gould doesn’t address this exact use case, but on p. 69 she does say that the tie should always extend to the notehead where possible (and here’s there’s nothing preventing it). And I don’t find any engraving option that addresses this. My two cents.

You’re entitled to your opinion, of course! But if Dorico isn’t designed to do a specific thing, the absence of that thing isn’t an error. You’re right that in fact there aren’t any engraving options that address this specific case, beyond the one concerning where ties should start relative to rhythm dots. You could either swap the order of these voices (indeed I believe Dorico would by default arrange them the other way around), or you can adjust the length of the tie in Engrave mode.

Roger. No worries, easy to extend the tie to the left.

definitely one spot where Finale wins by default for doing this automatically:

Wouldn’t it be better if the “E” was a half note instead of tying two quarter notes?

Not an option here, as the second beat needs to be displayed for different rhythms between stanzas.

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