Tie hanging over into 2nd ending: Solved

In this screen shot, the first note of the top and bottom lines of the second ending should exhibit the same tie as they do in the first ending, hanging backwards like a reverse l.v. tie. Is there a way to do this?

Yes, there is! Make an l.v. tie on the 2nd ending note and drag the beginning of it backwards in Engrave mode. You’ll have to fiddle with the note spacing. It won’t look right in galley view, but it will everywhere else.

I’m returning to this topic, because although this kludge does work, it seems to me that by now (2022) Dorico should understand how to continue a tie in this situation.

As I wrote on Facebook to another Dorico fellow, Sibelius added this like two years ago, when Sibelius was… 30 years old? I’m confident that the Dorico team will implement it in a shorter time. Yes, it’s been on the backlog for some time now, so it should be quite up in the priority list :wink:


By the way, I found it works much better to adjust the beginning and ending x-values of the lv tie instead of dragging little boxes, which is frustrating and leads me to bad results. Perhaps that was what you meant in the first place. Respect!

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I certainly find that using values in the properties is a great workflow!