Tie interfering with dynamic notation

I have an issue.
I have a long tied note that starts on beat 3 (halfnote) in the first bar and is tied to a wholenote in the next bar. I need a forte on beat 3 in the first bar, then diminuendo and then a mf on beat 1 in the next bar. The tie won’t let me do that.
In the other program I use, this has never been a issue. And that is because, the tie is handled as an individuel notation.
I know that you are leaning heavily on some books, that defines how notation of music works. But I really don’t care about notation theory when it comes to inputting my arrangement as fast as possible. The decision you have made in handling of a tie in Dorico is wrong. I know the theory states other whys. But in practical use in a notation software, it’s a nuisance.

Put the caret where you want the dynamic.
Input the dynamic.

I had other problems. That is the reason for the rant.

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  1. Place caret at the start of the note (double-click the staff, note the note itself)
  2. Shift-D f> Enter
    Note that the hairpin won’t yet show
  3. Cmd/Ctrl-Right arrow to get you to the next downbeat
  4. Shift-D mf Enter

If you can explain what the other problems are, someone can probably help you solve them.

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Having an issue with the tie again.
I have a repeat endings event in my arrangement. I have a long note that begins on beat 2 in the bar before the first “repeat endings” bar. The note ends on beat 1 . In the second ending I want to copy, what I play in the first ending and paste it in the second ending and then modify it, but dorico won’t let me because of the tie.

Yes, that is a situation where it would be helpful to be able to select just part of a single note in order to copy and paste it, and that’s not possible at the moment. In that situation you will indeed need to cut the tie, or copy and paste the music following the tied note and then add the remainder of the note manually to the start of the pasted passage.

My concert band consists of elderly hobby musicians, some of whom reading music, was never properly learned. Those who learned, will not understand the way, you have chosen to handle a tie between 2 notes.tie problem
The above example will without question lead to precious minutes of rehearsal time, to be wasted on something, that they, in the end, will not understand anyway. I will then have to live with the fact that many of my musicians will play this bar wrong in the future.

I suddenly couldn’t get “force duration” to work. Thought it had to do with the tie. Seems I am a bit tired today. Maybe I should consider closing shop early today.

Hi @carstencoach - this is a situation that you can handle on a per-flow default basis by using this Notation Option for Note Grouping:

If it’s something you want consistently, set the defaults to cover the majority of cases rather than forcing the duration of every instance. It’ll be a lot easier for you!

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

The trick to forcing the duration of tied notes is:
The first note also has to be forced in order to carry through to the second when you tie them.