tie into 2nd ending - splitted tie when Coda

Hi folks,

how will Dorico deal with certain appearances of ties such like ties into 1st and second ending or a tied note on 4 (in brackets) into a coda which should only be played when going to coda? And playback? :wink:

These kinds of complex repeat structures are not yet handled at all by Dorico, but we have thought about them quite a lot. We hope to come up with a way of drawing ties, slurs, and other similar markings at the points at which the music jumps back to an earlier position, or jumps forward from an earlier position. Exactly how this will work remains to be seen at this point.

I meant to add: we wouldn’t draw a half tie in the way you show in your picture. We would draw a complete curve. Half-ties and slurs are to be avoided, and Dorico doesn’t support them.

Thanks, Daniel…

the template I used for this quick shot was actually a publishers default so… :smiley:

For the playback have a look at the arranger-feature in Cubase…