Tie oddity: possible bug?

I have tried everything I can think of to sensibly tie the first 4 notes of the attached jpg, but Dorico insists on making the first bar a semibreve followed by a quaver. I can’t think of any mainstream occasion when that would be wanted. I’ve tried entering with forced duration, but the result is the same. If I extend the tie to the fifth note, it reverts to the sensible dotted minim followed by dotted crotchet. The problem doesn’t arise if the passage is all in 9/8 or all in 6/8.
tie oddity.jpg
I’ve attached a Dorico file showing the problem and the various experiments I’ve made to try to understand what is happening. But I’m baffled.
tie oddity.zip (664 KB)

I’ve opened your Dorico file and can’t see anything wrong. Unless I’m missing something. (I input a tie into the first example) Here’s my result

Thanks for trying this Peter. I can’t decide whether to be pleased or disappointed that the problem (still) exists for me. I attach a screenshot of the whole page as it is for me.

Was C in your screenshot the result of you applying the ties and then cutting them off, or my original post? (I ask because I wondered whether there might be some connection with my problem that the cut tool left an isolated quaver at the end.)

I don’t think I’d set any strange preferences, but just in case I’ve reset everything to factory defaults (and used the bat file from the FAQ here too for good measure) but the problem still persists. I’ve added my computer spec to my signature as I see you’re on a Mac and I suppose it’s possible this is a Windows only thing.

I forgot to say in my post what a pleasure it was using flows and frames to set out the example (and to reorder the flows to improve the logic). I would have struggled for ages with hidden bars and adjusting spacing to achieve anything like this is my previous notation programme and, although I know I’m misusing them, I doubt whether I could have got the rehearsal marks to cooperate in it.

I can’t decide whether to be pleased or disappointed that the problem (still) exists for me.

I know what you mean and it looks like the problem is specific to you and your setup in some way.

The only example I altered was A. I simply selected the notes and input the tie.

All the other fragments were exactly as Dorico opened after I downloaded your file.

The fact that just opening the Dorico file on different computers gives different results leads me to the question:
mikedf, have you updated to v1.1.10?

Yes: signature updated to show this.

You contributed to the thread “Force Durations not working sometimes” where another user has what appears to be the same issue in a piece written in 12/8. I wonder again whether it is a problem that only surfaces on a Windows PC.

Hopefully a Windows-user will chip in - I can’t help, if that’s what it is!

On my Windows 10 machine I can force the durations to get what I think you want.

My first reaction would be to put the dotted quarter before the dotted half to keep the measure evenly split, but then I do not know what is happening in other parts and you should be able to present the rhythm as you wish regardless.

See the “Force durations not working sometimes” post for Derrek’s excellent solution using forced duration followed by T after each note.