Tie over next page issue

So… I pushed music ( two bars) onto the next page and pushed back few systems into that page.
The over the bar line tie which exist in the previous page ( tied quarter note g ) is not seen on the tied whole note (g) in the next page. The music execution is fine though.
Is there a way to go?
Thanks very much.
Regards - Rami.

Well as far as I know you can’t tie to a note in a different clef in a different stave, where you have reduced to two from three. That is probably reasonable.

I hit this all the time with the music I engrave for my colleagure who gaily switches clefs and number of staves like this a lot, Sadly, what may be obvious to a player is not obvious to a program. What I do is to continue the three staves until the tied note is finished - even if this spoils your aesthetic appearance.

Actually - the lovely thing is - that I removed a stave and it ties beautifully to the G in the upper stave like the tie went from the lower bass clef onto the same G in the (upper) treble clef :slight_smile: also you can see the the tie starts towards the G but note from (backwards to the… ) G :slight_smile: see these two measures were previously in the previous page… I needed more space for the accidentals… so I have decided to shove these two over the next page…
Thanks for your comment.

FYI, it is possible to tie notes together even on different staves of the same instrument by selecting them both and hitting T.

T didn’t do it. a tie on the opening note - no tire on the receiving note.

@Mark_Johnson Dorico 4.0.30 - does not work over a frame break:

Thanks very much for your comment.