Tie over repeat bar in Dorico

is it possible to create ties over repeat bars (like on this screenshot)?

normally it works pushing the ‘S’ -key
but that doesn’t make sence.

Don’t think it’s possible without a workaround.

This might help:

and just adjust position of the slur/tie at the end of your 1st time bar

if you mean a Tie from bar 1 to bar 3, than move the f in bar number two
(the first repeat-ending) up or down, dann push the T key.
after that, you can move the F in bar number two back again,
and make again a Tie from bar 1.
That’s my workaround without Lasisser-vibrer and you don’t hear the tone twice.

Thank you,
with your tip, I managed to do this even if it takes a little time.
Besides, I’m not sure that in musical notation, the first tie (on the first C) is necessary.
Do you know the rules in this case?

I’m not sure that I understand you completely.

To be honest, if your image shows the very beginning of the piece, I wouldn’t be using repeats. I’d just write the four bars out completely and save the hassle!

Perhaps you are required to have it as you do for a reason, though? In this case, I’m not sure sorry. Although I will say, the “tie” on beat four of the first time bar looks like a slur and not a tie. Maybe another l.v. would look better?

Please don’t call this a “slur”. It is a tie. They have completely different functions.

Regarding this …

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As a tie, it should not be angled, even when split across a system break or repeat structure. The two halves should both be horizontal, otherwise (as said above) it looks like a slur. The tie into the 2nd ending is better.

The tie out of the 1st ending is necessary, but if it is going back to the beginning, then the tie at the very beginning should be in parentheses.

Thank you for this precision, excuse me, my English is very bad.
In French “tie” or “slur” is the same word : “liaison”

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Yes it’s true in classical music we don’t use repeat bar at the beginning but in Jazz it’s often the case, however, I’m not sure that the tie is necessary at the beginning.

We need to distinguish “liaison de phrasé” (slur) and “liaison de prolongation” (tie). I find this lack of precision problematic in our beloved French language…