Tie Rhythmic Notation into Slash Notation

I’m trying to tie one eight note on Beat 4 upbeat into the first beat of Slash Notation.
Cannot get to work .
Anybody know how to achieve this quickly. Much used in Jazz arrangements.
See attached PDF.

Stan McKee

Rhythmic Tie into Slash Notation.pdf (19.3 KB)
Ooops !
i forgot to add the example !

Here it is.

You could activate Laissez vibrer tie on the upbeat… and adjust it in Engrave mode…

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Der Tie looks too small. I know i could adjust it, but there has to be away create
a tie from a rhythmic notation into a slash notation.
Maybe Daniel or Lilie know how to do this.
Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

If this is what you want, here are some steps to try.

Enter all the notes as normal notation, but don’t enter the tie yet.

Select the dotted half note and change its notehead to White Diamond Noteheads.

Select the following notes and change their noteheads to Slash Noteheads (or Oversized Slash Noteheads, if you prefer).

Select the four quarter notes, go into Engrave mode, open up Properties and click on Hide stem (under Notes and Rests).

Go back into Write mode, select the upbeat note and press “T” to tie it to the following note.

If the bar with the four quarter notes is a slash region, the first note will need to be entered as I have described (leave out the other three) and then start the slash region from the second beat. The noteheads for the two tied notes will match better if they use Oversized Slash Noteheads, as this is what is used for the slashes in slash regions.

If you have access to Engrave mode, you can change the shape and size of the l.v. tie however you need. If your property scope is set to Globally when you do this, it’ll affect both the score and part at the same time (although depending on the casting off, you may want subtly different shapes in the score vs the part).

Just enter the notes as a slash voice. The note in the slash voice on the upbeat of 4 is tied over to 1, then start a slash region on beat 2. You can hide the stem in Properties if you want. Here’s a real-time gif below, it just takes a few seconds start to finish.


If you switch to Engrave, here’s the Hide Stem toggle:


Thank you all Lillie, FredGUnn andSteven for your suggestions, which work !!
Many Thanks

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