Tied note values without joining them

I am trying to write a longer duration subdivided in smaller rhythmical values, to clearly show a dynamical peak.
No matter what I do a tie ends up joining the note values into what is more normal.
See attached image, the red line is the tie I need to do. I have tried using the Force Duration but it doesn’t seem to work.
Is it possible or do I have to fake it with slurs?

This should easily be done this way:

Select “Force duration” (o), enter the first dotted quarter note, hit “t” for tie, enter the second dotted quarter, hit “t” for tie, change to eighth (5), enter the eighth, hit “t” for tie, change to quarter (6), enter the quarter.

Or you may enter all the notes without ties, select them all and then press “t” for tie.

Both ways worked perfectly for me.


So force duration does not work unless having it on when entering the notes.

I still get another problem though! It still gets rewritten as two dotted 4th notes, which I want to avoid in 3/4…
The 8th note tied to the 4th note in the end of the example bar gets rewritten as dotted 4th note. This happens when I join the first dotted 4th with the 8th note.

Ok I seem to have found out how to do this properly…
If one wants to do this it’s required to use the scissors and then use the tie function always starting from the first note!
My problem was using the tie function first in the middle of the note value I wanted and then trying to “glue” them together.

It might be worth considering if the way I did it should be a possibility. I understand that we have to get used to Dorico’s way of doing things but sometimes it might be worth considering if the customer is always wrong. :slight_smile:

I certainly don’t think you’re wrong, jhall! We definitely want to introduce a way of forcing the durations of existing notes, so you don’t have to re-enter them.

I admit that would be great… especially when dealing with XML imports or “old” material (Dorico is still young, but so efficient, that I start to have quite a lot of Dorico stuff on my computer !)

That sounds great, Daniel. I’m so happy with the automatic note groupings (with a few hidden meters to tell Dorico what I want) that I only use Force Duration for clarification of dynamics. If one could tell Dorico to consider dynamics for note grouping, that would be pure magic, but I shall not complain over the tiny bit of manual labor I have to do in Dorico.

Agreed with Marc