Tied notes across barlines and second time bar


The graphic slice (a wonderful feature) shows a whole note E tied to a quarter note E , with the quarter note being beat 1 of 1st time bar. On second time the quarter note E (beat one of second time bar) is still ties to the whole note. Please, how do I show a tie to the second time bar note ?


Unfortunately, Dorico can’t handle this natively yet, it requires a workaround: add a ‘dangling’ l.v. tie (properties panel) to the tied note in the 2nd ending, and then manipulate that in Engrave mode to resemble a backward tie.
The developers are aware of this issue, I’m sure they’ll resolve it in a future version.

Unless you’re having to transcribe something exactly as the source, move the first ending back one measure, add that measure to the 2nd ending and you no longer need to tie into the 2nd ending.