Tied notes tremolo to non tremolo

Looking at a series of tied whole note trems that also tie to a final eighth note (non trem) on the last bar, because the tie treats it all as one note, the final eighth note gets a tremolo sign. I don’t see a way to hide the trem on the last eighth note (which as I interpret as showing that the tremolo ends on beat 1 of the last measure where the eighth note is.)

Is this just something I can’t do at this point in time, or is that not the proper convention for notating a tied trem ending on beat 1 of the last measure?

Also, unrelated question - Rolled piano and harp chords, not in yet or are they just eluding me?

I’ve had the same issue! Would love to see a fix for this (both approaching and leaving a tremolo tied group).

You can change the number of tremolo strokes on the different notes in a tie chain in Engrave mode via the Properties panel. You can’t do it in Write mode, because of course all of the notes in the tie chain are selected together in Write mode (which is as it should be).

We do not have support for arpeggios/rolled chord/wiggly lines yet, but they will be coming soon.

Thank you!

Unfortunately when I switch off slashes in that last note, the tremolo doesn’t play back at all for the whole tie chain…
Is there a way this can be changed in an update, or am I missing something? (somehow I managed to have the tremolo play back once, but I am unable to reproduce this :unamused: )

Best, Daniel

At the moment Dorico will only play a tremolo if it is set for the whole duration of the note. We certainly intend to improve this in future.

As a work-around, you might try slurring rather than tie-ing to the non-trem note.
You can then adjust the slur in Engrave mode to mimic the tie.


Any way to achieve this in Dorico 2.2.20? Need to tie a tremolo note to a non-tremolo note…

The third post in this thread still applies, and that solution still works perfectly in Dorico Pro 2.2.20

Is there a reason once you change the tremolo to a single stem, it changes the forced duration?
In the first picture, you’ll notice the tremolo for the entire note. Once I change it to a single stem in engrave mode, it alters the original note value.
Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.35.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.35.13 PM.png

There’s no good reason for it, really, except that it’s a bit of a rough edge in the implementation. If you use Force Duration (shortcut O) to fix the duration of the note before you add the tremolo, you should avoid the note being rewritten unexpectedly.