Tied trem. #slashes

Hi! Dorico seems to default to 3-4 slashes on unmeasured tremolo.
Shouldn’t it be 2-3?
8th-notes: 2 slashes
4th-notes: 3 slashes

How can I change this?

Doric v4

The problem is that when the starting note of a tremolo already has a beam because it’s part of an eighths-note-group, than this beam counts toward the number of tremolo slashes.

This is quite unusual behaviour for Dorico, because normally Dorico strictly differentiates between what a thing is (e.g. “note with 3-stroke-tremolo”) and how a thing looks (e.g. “only 2 strokes because there is already an eighths-note-beam”).

Playback Options>Timing>Tremolos sets the number of strokes to trigger unmeasured tremolo. IIRC the default is 3.

I disagree with @Estigy - Dorico is behaving quite rationally since strokes are repeats and unmeasured tremolo is (non-universal) convention. You will find many examples in the classical canon of measured 3-stroke repeats.


“Playback Options>Timing>Tremolos* sets the number of strokes to trigger unmeasured tremolo. IIRC the default is 3.”
This is correct for 4th-note, but not for 8th-note, AFIK.

If those eighths are tied to the following quarters, I am surprised the tremolo doesn’t continue onto the quarter note in each case. Did you remove the slashes on the quarters, or did you use slurs instead of ties?

The OP might be using the new option for released tremolo (and the opposite) in the repeats tool (and popover). I think it was introduced in 4.3.30.

Yes, like this>.

But, if Dorico doesn’t do it correctly then I’ll have to do it manually and with slurs.

Actually, you can make it work as we used to, it’s a bit tedious but works as intended in all situations. Input a 2 strokes tremolo to your tied notes, then switch to Engrave mode, select the second part of the tie chain and in the properties, you can set the number of tremolo beams to 0.

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Yes, that works. Setiing playback to unmeasured for 2, and adjusting number of slashes manually.

Default playback for 2 slashes was just plain wrong (played one slash)

This used to be a problem but now in Dorico 5 tied notes can be managed separately so you can choose 2 slashes for 8th and 3 slashes to quarter, and then tie them together. It will playback correctly if you set 3 as unmetered tremolo in playback settings.

Ah, so this has been solved?
Yes, I’m on Dorico v.4.
Will upgrade on next sale I guess

It has not solved completely, but now you can specify the amount of slashes for each invididual note within a tied chain.

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Try breaking the tie first, apply slashes to each note individually, then tie them together, If you are on Dorico 5, it should allow you to keep different slashes.