Ties between consecutive notes

Dorico (3.5) is driving me crazy, looking for some help. I know this must be super easy but I can’t make it work! I manage to make the first tie (see picture) but the second tie just doesn’t happen. I’m trying the procedure as mentioned here: Forcing the duration of notes/rests .

Thanks for your help!

I found a way to do it! Hope it works again later…

Have a look in Write > Notation Options > Note Grouping, there might be a default option that produces this notation for every instance of a note that long starting on the 3rd beat in a 4/4 bar.

Hi Lillie,
Thank you. It was not the reason it didn’t work eventually but good to know, thanks for the tip!

I am also a newbie. I have Dorico 3.5 (free). I use Windows 10 and I am VERY frustrated with getting unwanted tied notes e.g. in 4/4 time I enter a quartet note followed by an 1/8 note and then input another 1/4 note, this shows as two tied 1/8 notes. I want this to show as a 1/4 note. How on earth do I do this. Thanks, Brian JH

The reason you’re seeing this is because it would be notational best practice to display the midpoint of the bar. Dorico is trying to help you. If you really want it to show this way, turn on Force Duration first (O) while in note input mode.

Very many thanks! I will certainly do this. I had been using Musescore but wanted to upgrade to a better system. Dorico seems to offer many benefits. BrianJH

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Read this for starters. And there are helpful YouTube tutorials as well on the Dorico channel.

Thanks again. Will do this right now ! Brian