Ties in 2nd endings

Is there a way to tie into a 2nd ending? I can’t seem to find a way to have a note tied over the barline into a 2nd ending, though it works normally in 1st endings.

Unfortunately Dorico can’t do any kind of automatic continuation of ties, lyrics, glissandos, slurs, etc. for repeat structures as yet. I suggest you put in the short partial tie using a text item for now: Shift+X to add text, change the character style to ‘Music font’ using the top-right menu in the popover controls, and then paste in the appropriate glyph from here.

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Will do, thanks Daniel.

Since ties have been brought up, I notice that attemptng to delete a tie between adjacent notes also deletes the notes. I guess the logic is that the tie symbol and the tied notes are functionally a single object. Logic aside, though, it is a bit of a nuisance to have to reenter the lost notes when I only want to get rid of the tie. Or is there a a way of eliminating the tie symbol that I’ve missed? (If tied notes are not adjacent, the tie symbol can be deleted.)

Tied notes are a single entity in Dorico. If you have a quarter note tied across the barline to another quarter note, Dorico thinks of it as a single half note starting on beat 4.
I believe you cannot select ties in Write mode, so when you click the tie you’re actually selecting the note(s) (I imagine they turn orange), and pressing delete.

I agree though that, while logical, this can be somewhat cumbersome at first. What if I have a dotted quarter tied to an 8th selected (equalling a half in total) and I want to add a single 8th to its duration?

Select the tie chain and hit U (the scissor tool).

You don’t even need to delete the tie here. Set a useful grid value, select the note or tie chain you want to alter, then hit Shift-Alt-Left/Right arrow to shorten or lengthen it by the specified grid value.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, Florian. I see now that this was discussed on the forum last November after an upgrade that introduced “NoteInput Scissor” and that U (perhaps for “untie”?) is now included in the list of default key commands, although it didn’t make the manual that came with my Dorico a few weeks ago.


A slightly different topic, but in the same field:
I pasted a passage containing lyrics in the last bar of a 2nd ending. The last note is syncopated and stretches to the first beat of the following bar.
When I paste it, the content of the 1st beat/following bar shows in the 1st bar of the 3rd ending!

Feature request alert:
I wouldn’t mind at all if Dorico simply cut off anything that “spills over”.
As far as lyrics are concerned, I wouldn’t even mind if Dorico created (in this case) a 3rd verse and pasted the remaining lyrics therein, provided the notes of the 1st and 2nd verse are identical.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-29 um 20.21.01.png

Apologies for reviving. Daniel’s original response is useful and still relevant I think (couldn’t find other solutions to this issue) but the original link posted is broken.

The link should, I believe, go to Fingering - Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL)

That said, notes in Dorico do now have an “l.v. tie” property that, while still requiring some manipulation within Engrave mode, does a quicker job than Daniel’s earlier suggestion.


Searching for a solution and reviving this thread. Seems still no fix for ties into second endings?
Trying to tie notes over to second ending. Here’s my example:

I tried Laissez vibrer tie but it ties forward only not backwards?

Well, you’ll need to fiddle with the l.v. ties in Engrave mode (hoping you’re working on Dorico pro…) until that feature is properly implemented.

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Any updates on this feature? Using Dorico 5.1, Mac OS 14.2.1.

No. This feature has not yet been implemented.

OK. thanks

You can find details of all new features by reading the Version History

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Another solution to the original question is to include more in the first- and second-time repeats. So, include the previous bar (where the tied note starts) as well.
For engraving, @dspreadbury’s suggestion is good, but if playback is an issue as well, I think including an extra bar in the repeat is the only way to make it work.

checking to see if there is a better way to do this in 2024?

Not yet.

Who knows? Still seven months to go.

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