Ties in 2nd endings

Is there a way to tie into a 2nd ending? I can’t seem to find a way to have a note tied over the barline into a 2nd ending, though it works normally in 1st endings.

Unfortunately Dorico can’t do any kind of automatic continuation of ties, lyrics, glissandos, slurs, etc. for repeat structures as yet. I suggest you put in the short partial tie using a text item for now: Shift+X to add text, change the character style to ‘Music font’ using the top-right menu in the popover controls, and then paste in the appropriate glyph from here.

Will do, thanks Daniel.

Since ties have been brought up, I notice that attemptng to delete a tie between adjacent notes also deletes the notes. I guess the logic is that the tie symbol and the tied notes are functionally a single object. Logic aside, though, it is a bit of a nuisance to have to reenter the lost notes when I only want to get rid of the tie. Or is there a a way of eliminating the tie symbol that I’ve missed? (If tied notes are not adjacent, the tie symbol can be deleted.)

Tied notes are a single entity in Dorico. If you have a quarter note tied across the barline to another quarter note, Dorico thinks of it as a single half note starting on beat 4.
I believe you cannot select ties in Write mode, so when you click the tie you’re actually selecting the note(s) (I imagine they turn orange), and pressing delete.

I agree though that, while logical, this can be somewhat cumbersome at first. What if I have a dotted quarter tied to an 8th selected (equalling a half in total) and I want to add a single 8th to its duration?

Select the tie chain and hit U (the scissor tool).

You don’t even need to delete the tie here. Set a useful grid value, select the note or tie chain you want to alter, then hit Shift-Alt-Left/Right arrow to shorten or lengthen it by the specified grid value.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, Florian. I see now that this was discussed on the forum last November after an upgrade that introduced “NoteInput Scissor” and that U (perhaps for “untie”?) is now included in the list of default key commands, although it didn’t make the manual that came with my Dorico a few weeks ago.


A slightly different topic, but in the same field:
I pasted a passage containing lyrics in the last bar of a 2nd ending. The last note is syncopated and stretches to the first beat of the following bar.
When I paste it, the content of the 1st beat/following bar shows in the 1st bar of the 3rd ending!

Feature request alert:
I wouldn’t mind at all if Dorico simply cut off anything that “spills over”.
As far as lyrics are concerned, I wouldn’t even mind if Dorico created (in this case) a 3rd verse and pasted the remaining lyrics therein, provided the notes of the 1st and 2nd verse are identical.

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Apologies for reviving. Daniel’s original response is useful and still relevant I think (couldn’t find other solutions to this issue) but the original link posted is broken.

The link should, I believe, go to Fingering · Standard Music Font Layout

That said, notes in Dorico do now have an “l.v. tie” property that, while still requiring some manipulation within Engrave mode, does a quicker job than Daniel’s earlier suggestion.