Ties in tablature

I am trying to get rid of ties in a guitar piece with TAB. This has a setting in Engraving Options → Hide Fret Numbers & Ties.

When ties are set to display it looks like this:

When set to hide I get this - no ties, but can’t figure out how to not show the numbers in the brackets (or the brackets themselves). I haven’t found a setting taking care of that.

You want the “Hide fret numbers and ties” setting, I think:


Yes, and it works, but only for the single note. The chords get the ties removed but are still there. Makes things look very cluttered.

I’m not sure I understand, you should get something like this:


What is it that you’re trying to get rid of? If you’re trying to get rid of the ties on the notation staff, then perhaps you want to input the notes with Force Duration on. However, the way that Dorico notates this particular example (with the note tied over the beat) is the way that many musicians would prefer to read this sort of rhythm, at least if they are classically trained.

Maybe the slur could go to the beginning of the tie?

If you look at the second screenshot of my original post, that is how Dorico shows the TAB with “Hide Feet Numbers and Ties” selected. I don’t want to show the numbers, the ties or the brackets of the notes tied.

If you look at the number “8” in the screenshot, there it correct. But somehow doesn’t work for the tied triads.

No, what I was trying to suggest, was that maybe the slur ending on the end of the tie chain forces the numbers to appear? It just might be possible to change the slur to end on the start of the tie. That way the TAB has an actual endpoint for the slur as well, even without any numbers showing.

Ah, I see the problem - the tied notes are being forced to appear because the slur needs something to attach to. If the slurs weren’t there this wouldn’t happen. You can avoid this problem by setting this option on the Slurs page of Engraving Options, which will cause the slurs to stop in a different place, and so won’t show the tied notes: