ties look strange depending on other voices

Hi together!

Can anyone explain the following picture to me:

In the first bar the tie in the upper voice looks good. In the second bar … hmm…

I got the impression, that the tie is shortened whenever the lower voice collides with the upper one. It seems to be positioned in the lower space – and there it doesn’t find enough place. But why? What can I do – except re-positioning and lengthening the tie manually every time? Are there any engravement-options? May it be a (little) bug? Or is it simply an un-avoidable issue? I’m still testing Dorico 2. I like it very, very much - especially because the printout looks very good before you change anything manually. But here?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!


I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a bug as to say that it’s a situation Dorico could handle better.

I think you have two options for now: one would be to select the starting note of the tie and the dyad beneath it and choose Edit > Voices > Swap Voice Order. The other option is that some users prefer ties to cut through note flags rather than to start to the right of them, and if you set ‘Gap after flags’ to a negative value (e.g. -1/4 space, or perhaps even -1/2 space), in the Advanced Options section near the top of the ‘Avoiding Collisions’ section on the Ties page of Engraving Options, you might find that more to your taste.

Thank you, Daniel, for your answer!

You are totally right: This isn’t a bug. Let’s call it a challenge…

I tried out both options, but I must say, that I didn’t like the result very much. Usually one would expect the tie to behave in the same way - with no regard to the interval between the upper and the lower voice. The easiest solution was to select all ties that seemed to be too small, lift them by 1/2 space and stretch them manually. Finally, it looks fine:

The fist tie has the default position and shape, the second and the third are adjusted manually.Perhaps you could include an option like this in the advanced options of a future Dorico edition?