Ties note, with lyric, in repeat endings

Is there any way to show that the lyric continues into the second repeat bar in this example (highlighted in the rectangle)? The "word “tie” carries over from mm4 to mm6

I’ve been looking for examples of this in vocal scores but can’t find any offhand. If there is a better suggestion on how to do it in Dorico so a singer understands what is happen I would appreciate the suggestion.

Thank you.

The unicode character U+FF3F will give you an underscore to use in a lyric at the start of the second ending that Dorico will not convert to an elision slur.


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Thanks. Now I just have to figure out how to type that on a Mac keyboard.

On your macOS preferences>Keyboard, add the Unicode keyboard and make sure you can easily switch keyboards (either by the menu with the flags or a keyboard shortcut)
Enable Unicode keyboard when in Lyrics popover, keep alt key pressed while you input ff3f, the character should appear. Revert back to your normal keyboard :wink:


Since I use Windows, I’m grateful that @MarcLarcher can explain how to type unicode characters on a Mac keyboard.

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Another way to add a lyric extender line at the start of the second ending using Dorico 4.1 or later: Create a lyric consisting of several non-breaking spaces obtained by typing Shift-Alt/Opt-Space. Then select that lyric and use the command Edit>Notations>Lyrics>Edit Single Lyric to underline these spaces.

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