Ties tied to nothing

Hi guys, hows everyone? well I hope.

Im wondering how to add a tie that starts on a note but is attached to nothing in front. In Sibelius I would just press the key command for tie and a line would appear. Irregardless of what followed. I must admit I am having a little difficulty with Dorico’s rhythm and tie architecture. It seems to require a lot of extra steps to change something. Once you have inputed it. For instance a tie. But I digress.

I use this type of direction a lot, especially in guitar and piano music, a low note, that most likely will act as a drone.
I put a whole note, and then a tie that is attached to nothing.

Is it possible?

See this thread, courtesy of fratveno:


thanks so much Stephen. It was a difficult thing to search for, as “tie” obviously brings up a plethora of topics.

I can’t seem to understand how to do what fratveno describes. :confused:

On the smufl site -


Select the glyph you want and copy it; l.v. ties are near the bottom of the page (don’t select the unicode text, U+E4BA; select the actual glyph itself).

Then in Dorico, use shift-X to invoke text input. Before you paste, change the font to Bravura; then paste your glyph, and it should appear. Finally, use Engrave mode to position the glyph where you want it. Let us know if you still have trouble!

thanks so much for the assistance Stephen! But I still don’t get it. I’m getting a little nervous with Dorico now…

So I go to the link you provided and I copy this quasi-slur from that page.

Then in Dorico, I enter it as a text, with the Bravura font and it looks like the this. Unable to move or resize. The tie I pasted is between the two staves above the Db in the first measure.

Thanks for your help guys.
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.56.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.53.55 AM.png

You need to switch to Engrave mode to move the l.v. mark. Yes, it’s pretty tiny! It’s not meant to be a slur, just an l.v. mark. Maybe increase the font size to make it bigger?

yeah I switched to engrave mode. And changing the font size does not result in anything.
Damn. I’m pretty bummed.
I was hoping so much for Dorico to be the game changer.
But I have no alternative but to switch back to Sibelius.

I can’t even make a reasonable title page without an extreme amount of effort, and the documentation gives no help.


Sorry guys.

Alex, don’t despair. I’ve attached a project that contains a pair of l.v. ties of an appropriate size that you can copy and paste into your project. When you copy and paste a character from the SMuFL web site, you need to select the text in the editor and change the character style (the top right menu in the editing popover) to ‘Music text’, which will choose the Bravura Text font. While the text is still selected in the editor, you can then also change the font size to e.g. 24pt, which will make the l.v. tie an appropriate size. Just like in a word processor, you have to have the text actually selected in order for changing the point size to take effect.

As for creating a title page, I would hope this at least would be easy! Go to Engrave mode. In the Pages panel on the right-hand side, select the first page, then right-click and choose Insert Page. In the dialog that appears, choose to create a single page before page 1 based on no master page (i.e. ‘(None)’ in the list). Then you should be able to add the text and graphic frames you want to add to that page. Let me know if you have any specific problems with this and I’ll be happy to help.
l.v…dorico.zip (62.6 KB)

thanks so much Daniel. I’ll get to it now and see if I can come up with some sexy results.

Cheers to you and your team. Your doing an honourable job.

Daniel, I’m sorry to seem so dull, but I really can’t get this. I’ve been working on music and computers for a long time, but I feel totally lost right now. Ok, so I copy (on Mac command-c) from your project. Then move into my piece and paste (command-v). Ok, so I have a tiny little 'U" shaped slur, I need to enlarge this.
I press shift-x, with the little 'U" slur selected, and the text dialog pops up, but it is presenting me with the option to input new text. Not to change the text that is selected.

Obviously I’m doing something wrong but, what is it?

Thanks a lot.
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.08.28 PM.png

The problem you have might well be that, in order to change a text size, you have to select it. Which means that, when you copy the l.v. symbol, you have THEN to select it, and THEN to increase its size. I do not think this is very intuitive, but actually it is the only way to have different sizes on the same text input :wink:

Ah, instead of hitting Shift+X when you select the mini-slur, instead hit Return or double-click it to edit it: if you hit Shift+X you will simply create a new text object at the rhythmic position of the text object you’ve selected.

hey Daniel, thanks for your replies.
I did what you mentioned, and although, yes I gained control of the mini tie, when I enlarged it it just became sort of fatter, as opposed to longer and more streamlined, which is what I wanted.
I’ve discovered that my work around is to simply use slurs, as I don’t use Dorico for playback at all (although if some friendly collaboration happens with Spitfire Audio I would definitely be on board! :wink:
So, Dorico’s control over slurs is superb, and I’ve achieved the visual I want with that. Perfect. I’ve read on the form that you will be adding more ‘line’ option in the future. That is fantastic. I love lines.

But regarding the title page, I’m sorry, I again am going to sound ridiculous, but I can’t grasp, or find a way to enter text on the blank pages. Title page, performance notes etc. Entering text attached to something, ok nor problem. But random simple text. Can’t figure it out.
I know this must be possible, but using the search function here on the forum for “add text”, or even searching youtube videos is a major time killer. I’m on deadlines for my music, so I can’t sort through it all. I realize it sounds a little selfish, but a a manual of substance really needs to be let loose. The word text does not even appear in the index nor the table of contents in the present manual. Although a search of the manual does come up with some brief discussion of text, this is the only mention of text that is not specifically attached to a rhythmic/grid position.

“To insert text that is independent of rhythmic positions and that is attached to a particular page, you can add text frames on master pages in Engrave mode.”

That’s it. I am in Engrave mode now, and a little troubled about how difficult it is to simply type a word. I know it will seem obvious to me once you explain it, and it will sound lazy to people who already know how to do it, but I am a very experienced guy with my software and music, I can usually trouble shoot my way out of most situations, but Dorico seems to be presenting me with a number of challenges.

I mean this with the utmost respect. I realize you guys are working overtime on making this better, but those simple things, thats what matters I think. The less obstacles a user has in her initial interaction the better the experience and more confidence in the software. The high level engraving and formatting that you are heading towards, everyone is super excited about that, but simple things like lines, and quick and easy text input, these things matter more on the first date.

But thank you sincerely for your help. I’m sticking with Dorico, I just might have to jump back to Sibelius to meet my present deadline, but I’m hoping things will keep on evolving here. And I can begin to input work as fast as I can with Sibelius.

Cheers Daniel.


If you want to write text, not attached to music, you need to create a text frame, in engrave mode. The process is simple, and you might be interested by the little video tutorials about that. It would take 3 minutes of your time but you won’t regret them !!!


Thanks so much Marc. This is exactly the subject matter/video I was searching for. Unfortunately the documentation does not make it very clear that if I want to work with the “text”, I must search for “frames”. It does say “text frames” in the manual, so I guess it was a bit lazy on my part, but maybe I was expecting a whole video, or portion of the manual to be dedicated to text alone. Anyways, thanks again. I definitely have 3 minutes to spare, and it will be well worth it!


edit: excellent video!!! Thanks again.