Ties to bracket 2 and Ghostnote for wind instruments

Hi Forum,
I miss something, I do not know if it has already been talked about.Ties to bracket 2 and Ghostnote for wind instruments.The list of note heads is long, ghost notes I found only in the drums.


What do you mean by “ties to bracket 2”?

Parenthesized notes are planned, but not yet implemented (except for unpitched percussion). The reason : it must work on isolate notes as well as on chords, no matter how complicate they are. The team needs time for this. If you need them in simple context, you can create your own noteheads with brackets or parenthesis — there are threads about that in the forum, I let you dig a little…

I already created ghost notes myself. Thank you and hello “Dan Kreider”.
Sorry for my bad English. Thanks be to Google Translation. When ties go into bracket one and in second pass in bracket two, the "tie"on the first note is missing in bracket two,for example…Do you understand what I mean.

Ah, yes. You want to use a laissez vibrer tie (l.v.). Click on the note in the 2nd ending and open the properties panel, then toggle it to add it to the note.

Then in Engrave mode, move the lv so it’s reversed.

I have already used this variant, but is associated with a lot of detail work.
Thanks anyway.

I don’t find it very difficult, especially since you can copy and paste the lv once you have adjusted as you want.

Unfortunately that’s the best option at this point, sorry.

Thanks for your help. Let’s wait another year and Dorico will often surprise us. The music program has just two pages: the notes and the playback. The playback is often more important to me because I often have to find musical errors.
All the best …