Ties without an ending

Is there a way to get this tie idea without spending hours in engrave mode? It was really easy in sib. I’m talking about the 4th beat in measure 108 in harp part a

Hi @aural_sandpaper
You can use Laissez vibrer tie in the properties panel and decide how long you want the Laissez vibrer ties in engraving options.

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Thanks for the fast reply. Works perfectly.

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If you don’t want to change the Engraving option (which affects all lv ties), you can simply set the end offset value in the Engrave Properties panel.


Glad I could help.

[Edit: oppsss @Janus was faster with the manual solution :slight_smile: ]

since the mentioned option (Laissez vibrer ties minimal lenght) is global, and if you need sometimes to use the manual method as an alternative, here below I show how it takes only a couple of seconds. :slight_smile:

-In Engrave mode make a Lasso selection with control/command and dragging the mouse, of the Laissez vibrer ties
-control/command click on the right control points of each tie
-move the end control point to the right with shift+alt+right arrow [what coincides with the suggestion of @Janus , just in another way]

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Nice info. — I’d just like to mention that l.v. is the normal mode for Harp. You don’t have to indicate that. There’s a symbol for when you want strings stopped by hand.