Tight spacing

Somewhere I read something about Dorico using tight spacing of notes. I’m sure that will look great for a lot of music. However, I write a lot of classical guitar music where the spacing between notes needs to leave plenty of room for fingering and for the multiple voices. Will there be an easy way to accommodate this in Dorico?

(By the way, “Dorico” is flagged by the spell check here in the forum. The web master should prevent it from being underlined with a dotted red line even when it is spelled correctly.)

I don’t believe the forum itself has a spell-checker, does it? If you’re seeing a wiggly or dashed red line underneath words, I think it’s because your browser is complaining about the spelling. You might want to try adding Dorico to your computer’s dictionary (on OS X, at least, you can do this in the context menu).

Regarding spacing of classical guitar music, although we have not yet implemented fingering support, the plan is that fingerings will be attached directly to the noteheads to which they correspond, and positioned in a deterministic way relative to those noteheads, then considered “solid” for the purposes of spacing, so the music will naturally be spaced out in such a way to make room for fingerings, in the same way that it already takes account of accidentals, rhythm dots, grace notes, clefs, and so on.

Yes, you were right about my browser doing the spell check. I used the context menu to fix it like you said.

Thank you for your future attention to classical guitar notation. As you know, it can be quite complicated.