Timbre is not Timber

Timbre is not Timber:

I’m hearing it far too often, even from those who should know better. Are you? Do you care? I think it matters and hearing someone say “timber” when he means “timbre” makes me cringe. It’s wrong. Makes the person saying it sound more like an amateur.

The word is “Timbre” pronounced commonly (as most here will know – but apparently not enough) as “TAM-ber.”

Please get it right in your videos. _/_ Don’t let yet another word slip from its correct, elegant pronunciation, to the incorrect “timber.” Thanks. :slight_smile:

As you know, in music, we have – pitch, dynamics, duration and, ta-da, Timbre. So, given that Timbre is one of the four most basic properties of any music or sound, please do us all a favor and pronounce it correctly. Make it a New Year’s Resolution. Thanks.


I don’t disagree…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Shiver me “tarm bears”, another complainer!!

If its not the brilliant Cubase Pro10’s colours, workings, settings, operation, performance, creativity, friendliness, ability to produce hit songs etc, its now pronunciation! :astonished:

As a brit, you dont hear me going on about chips (not french fries), tyres (not TIRES), colour (not COLOR)! Well at least, you dont hear me muchly :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is I’m glad your country has now got Wayne Rooney to contend with…good luck with that!! :smiling_imp:

And before I start an international incident, this my attempt at HUMOUR in the dark days after Christmas…happy new year all!!!

All the best from England,

Jim B

And Solder is not Sodder .

Even the great Andrés Segovia pronounces it incorrectly. :astonished: :frowning:


No, it’s SPELT timbre, even I know that doesn’t tell you how it’s pronounced!

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Jim B

I prefer Timber.

I have no objection to - in fact love – Timber. :laughing: