Time display oddity

On the timeline, times in the first minute past an hour are displayed without a minute - presumably because it’s zero. I suggest the logic to hide that should not act if there is a number to its left. “1hr 20s” rather than “1hr 0mn 20s” can easily be misread at a glance as meaning “1hr 20mn”. A small thing, but I find it irritating.



I’ve said it before, but I would like to see minimal movement in these numbers, therefor I’d go a step further and say I prefer ‘1hr 00mn 03s’ and not ‘1hr 0mn 3s’. Otherwise a change to double digits makes the whole indication change sideways. This has always looked shaky to me.

Yes, I’ve had lacquer cutting engineers get confused by this too and tell me that my PDF reports don’t match the actual markers embedded in the WAV files. It turns out that they were also confused by this or something similar and just misread it.

This is a good suggestion. I will change this for 10.0.0. I mean, now it will be 1 h 0 mn 3s
But not “1hr 00mn 03s” (you could use the time code option for something close).