Time for a new DAW to run Cubase 10, Seeking UK Builders Recomendations

I’m in the UK and its time for a brand new DAW.

I have been building my own computers since the late 80’s but todays computers need someone with more knowledge than me - setting up clocking on CPU, RAM timings and so on.

I am leaning towards having a top spec system built by a dedicated DAW supplier, UK Based so I can chase them if things break or go wrong.

Can any of my fellow forum members from the UK recommend a company?
I have never used one so I have no clue who is good or bad.

I will be running Cubase 10 on Windows 10 64bit
Prefer an ASUS motherboard (they have never let me down… ever)
I will want 64mb of very fast ram
3 very fast drives, one for system/programs, one for samples/VST Librarys and the other for project data.
The main thing for me is to be able to run as many plugins as possible as sometime I am mixing 48 tracks with 3 - 6 plugs on each track.
A decent but wide and large monitor to replace my two aging 32" ones.

I would also be grateful for some sound interface recommendations.
I do not record external instruments or use external outboard, only internal so I do not need a multi input interface but one that is rock solid, clean and quiet (excellent D/A converters) I’m sure you get the picture.

Many thanks everyone…

Ready, Set, GO!

Obviously I meant 64gig of RAM not 64mb - had a brain block…

… ah yes, those were the days, on the Commodore C64 with, yes, 64MB of RAM!

Although I haven’t dealt with them myself, I’ve heard only good things about Scan Pro Audio, and Peter Kaine hangs out in the Sound On Sound forums, particularly the Windows Music one.

As far as audio interfaces go, I still swear by RME PCIe interfaces; add any I/O via ADAT to a RayDAT or go for the Babyface for USB. They may seem expensive but it could be the last interface you’ll ever need to buy. The main advantage is the drivers are absolutely rock-solid and even the oldest hardware still gets regular updates.