Time for Android?

Yes, I’m sure Steinberg developers hate people asking to keep developing on Android, but it’s time.

Sure, there are the low latency issues, yet this is changing rapidly to beat the 10ms window: (http://superpowered.com/superpowered-android-media-server)

Due to the added capabilities on the iOS platform, like bluetooth (which adds latency), the list of various bugs and apps like FL Studio on Android, it doesn’t make sense to not develop for Android. It’s a larger fan base sure, but it’s an easier environment to develop in and author to and ya’ll can still make money off of it.

With a lot of Steinberg’s user base on desktop PCs, it makes sense to have an environment that doesn’t connect to the Apple/iOS environment.

Please, please, pretty please develop Cubasis for Android.

Thank you,

Hi Jeremy,

As noted previously, we constantly monitor the Android platform especially in regards to a possible Cubasis release.
Product releases will be announced once they become available.

As of now, there is no release date available for Cubasis for the Android platform.