Time Keeping

Hi guys, more of a niggle rather than a major problem.
I can’t get the metronome to behave in E7, I get it set and then it switches by it’s self, I managed to get three tracks down in my latest project, in 4/4 time without any problem but when I decided to do a slow blues track in 12/8 time things went down hill, Set the 12/8 but when I press play it.returns to 4/4’ it’s gonna be something really triivial I just know it! Amy ideas out there ? Looking forward to replies, thanks al lot.

It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the project, but …
First, open the tempo editor and see if there are time signatures that should not be in the project. Delete them.
Or, Look at the metronome setup screen and make sure everything is okay there.
I prefer to record 12/8 songs with a 4/4 time signature and play everything as triplets.
Hope it helps.